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Letter from the President 2012 President’s Report

2012 was a great year for the Monticello Chamber of Commerce! We continued our mission to promote and to support Monticello and its business community. As we look back over 2012, I am proud of the work the MCoC has done. Not only have we continued some great traditions, but we have also implemented some new initiatives as well.

Our website, www.monticello-wi.com, continues to grow, and we have local support which helps to keep the site updated as well as provide ongoing training to our members. Each business member is given a page for free and able to link directly to their own site. We have hired a person committed to improving our website. Your dues provide a meeting with our web master to set up a page on our website and customize it for your business. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this. This is a great opportunity for our members to promote themselves on the internet. We also have a facebook page that helps to get the word out about events going on in Monticello or at member businesses.

The Monticello Money program continues to grow. Every purchase made with Monticello money keeps those dollars working in our community. Monticello money can be used just like cash at any MCoC
member business.

MCoC’s Tourism Committee continues to work hard making the downtown attractive and inviting. In addition, the committee supports the Apple Blossom awards. Each spring, awards are presented to residents and business owners who have made significant improvements to their property.

We continue advertising and highlighting local businesses through various venues including Green County Tourism promotions, local newspaper advertising, and radio commercials.

This past November we had 24 Monticello businesses participate in Small Business Saturday. It was a wonderful day with a chili cook off and specials at the businesses with $1,100 raised for Green Cares Food Pantry. MCoC paid for newspaper advertising and radio promotion of the event to draw people to the businesses. It was a great success for our first year. People are already looking forward to the event next year!

With all your help we’ll make 2013 a great year for MCoC and Monticello. We have already begun some plans to have a one day spring event like we did on Small Business Saturday. We will work on ideas to incorporate participation among businesses and hopefully drive more people into your business!

Thank you,

Kathleen Grossen - MCoC President