Community Club

January 2016 President's Letter:

Monticello Community Club would like to thank you for all your help in the past year! In 2016, your continued help is vital for us to continue to serve the needs of Monticello. We value your membership which continue to be just $15 for the year.

As always, Homecoming is our BIG money-maker. Plans for 2016 have already begun, so be sure to put July 7th through 10th on your calendar. And, please consider volunteering early and often. A special thank you goes to those of you that donated your time and energy to the 2015 Homecoming!

Community Club is more than Homecoming. Your input at meetings is very important to us and to YOUR community, so please plan to attend. Our meetings continue to be the 4-th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 and rotate between Community Club member Main Street bars. Your input will help us with our many small decisions throughout the year (along with a few major ones).

lf you are not getting our emails regarding upcoming meetings and would like to be on our email list, please include your email address or email Melissa at The lower portion of this letter will serve as your receipt.

Again, thank you for your support!

Wade Wittenwyler, President

The Monticello Community Club is a local organization that has been in existence since 1939. The desire of the community club is to make our community a nice place to live and bring up a family. The main purpose of our annual Homecoming celebration is to raise money for projects to better Monticello. Through the years, the club has contributed to the development and improvement of Lake Montesian, the village park and ball diamond, the octagon shelter house, the depot, the pool, Lake Montesian, village playground equipment, Montesian Gardens, Memory Lane and many other projects in our village, as well as to fund scholarships.
The Monticello Community Club needs you - many of you, to carry on with the array of projects that the organization continues to support. All organizations from time to time need new and creative members. We invite you to participate!

You may think MCC’s projects have had no impact on your life! It certainly has if you have ever walked the sidewalk in Montesian Park-$4979, enjoyed the swimming pool- slide-$4994, equipment & storage garage-$2500, had a picnic on the new tables-$939, enjoyed fishing at Lake Montesian-dredging $18,714 stocked fish $1758, goose busters & aerators $1498, used the playground equipment-$7500, had a reunion at one of the shelters-$12,360, sat under a tree for shade-$288, used the basketball court-$2800, used the volleyball court-$180, enjoyed a ball game and used the concession stand-$14,112, had the need for electricity in the park-$4200, walked the lighted pathway in the gardens in the evening-$1,000, or just sat to relax in the gazebo-$6011.

The total for these Village projects is $83,833 spent in the last ten years from 1999 thru 2008! Or maybe you didn’t do any of these things, but you are involved in or have children in school, the MCC has provided $800 for post prom, $500 for drug programs, $300-band trips, $500-milk machine, $440 for DARE roller skating, $300 - soccer equipment, $228-defibrilator cabinet, $769-PTO forEaster egg hunt, $500-Go packs, $200 -tables, $500 PTO play ground equipment, $1054-Halloween party/hayrides, $3572-Christmas treats, $2525-school bleachers, $300-Daisy Scouts, and $600-Shop with a Cop.

If you had or will have a senior, MCC has spent $1550 for senior banquets and given $16,500 for scholarships in the past ten years in addition to $500 given to Excellence in Education Trust Fund, and $4,150 to the Monticello Foundation for additional educational funding from 1999-2008 is $35,788!

All of the local organizations make this event happen; however, the MCC is the lead organization that pulls all of it together. Other projects you may be interested in that MCC has helped support: the Monticello Area Historical Society-$1500, and the Monticello Dairy Queen program-$850. Monticello Area is in the planning stages with $5,000 committed to a Veterns Memorial.

You may want to help get this major project completed. Yes, the monument will be built, but this project, along with many future projects need you, your ideas, your talents, and your time.

Just in the past ten years, the Monticello Community Club has spent a grand total of $126,971.

  • This has a significant impact on the area.
  • Think of the tax dollars saved.
  • Think of the enjoyment these projects have given to so many.
  • Think where all these projects would be without these funds.
  • Think what you could do to help.

2009 Good Deeds included: Re-foofing the Stone Building and repairing door and stone work ($11,000), Green County Pantry donation ($500), 2 Monticello Senior Scholarships ($1,000), DARE funds ($165), Annual Easter Egg Hunt ($250), Familry Reading Night at the Monticello Library ($300), Prom funds ($200), 2 Monticello Alumni Scholarships ($400), Monticello ALumni Foundation Fund ($500), Senior Christmas Baskets, Halloween Children's prizes, Seniors Meals, Plants for Montesian Gardens, Monticello Dairy Queen, assisted local families in need. And for Homecoming - our biggest festival - donated funds for the Parade, Sponsored the Fireworks, and funded Chicken BBQ, and sponsored the Barbarshop music.

MCC meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

It is up to you to keep the momentum going. This is your community to be proud of.

Contact any MCC member for more information or MCC Board members: Scott Baebler (President), Jon Rufer (Vice President), Melissa Anderson (Secretary), Leslie Brugger (Treasure), Wanda Wilkinson.

Remember "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.” Hope to see you at out next meeting!