Lake Montesion

Artesian Spring Fed Lake - Fishing & Picnic Area - Canoe & Kayaking

When you enter Monticello from Wisconsin Highway 69, Lake Montesian welcomes visitors and residents to the village with its unique location on the west side of the town. A double row of over 100 flowering crab apple trees form Memory Lane, creating a pathway into the village. The lake hosts an island that is accessible by a curved footbridge.

This idyllic setting is a place to relax, picnic or fish. But it has also been the scene of weddings and other events. An octagonal shelter house provides additional facilities. Lake Montesian,created by community volunteers, covers approximately seven acres and boasts a variety of sport fish. A special pier is available for those who need to fish from the shore.

Lake Montesian and Monticello Community Park are the perfect combination for an afternoon in the sun., Lake Montesian is a seven acre, man-made lake, that is located adjacent to Monticello's historic downtown and occupies the area where the Old Monticello Mill Pond once bustled with activity.

The park offers a relaxing setting for family outings that includes a shelter house with all the facilities for a sizzling good time and a footbridge that leads to an island with benches and plenty of shade in the middle of the lake.

Every January, the Green County Conservation League and the Monticello Lions Club hold the annual Fisharee/Chickaree for people of all ages. Homecoming, the second weekend in July, also features use of the lake with canoe races and, later, fireworks set off from the island. The lake is spring fed and an artisan well is accessible behind the village monument on Highway 69.

Local Historical Information

Who was Nickolaus Gerber? Well, he was the man who brought Limburger cheese making to Green County and he is a founding father to Monroe's Cheese Days celebration. You can read all about him on the Historical Marker located just off Hwy.69-- next to the tall Monticello sign.

More Info

Lake Montesian
County Road F at Hwy 69 in
Monticello, WI 53570

Hwy 69 and County Road F (Lake Avenue)
State Historical Market located on Hwy 69 at the Tall Monticello Wisconsin sign.

Park Amenities Include:
State Historical Marker
Baseball diamond
Volleyball court
Strolling Paths
Covered Footbridge
Wheelchair accessible

Across from Lake Montesian:
Vietnam War Memorial
Montesian Gardens
Public Swimming Pool