Lioness Club Nut Sale

3rd Saturday in October

Go Nuts for Monticello Lioness Annual Nut Fundraiser!

Come support the Monticello Lioness on the 3rd Sat each October. Enjoy huge cashews, large pecans and more! On sale at Monticello Village Hall.

There will be a variety of nuts, including pecans,halves and pieces, walnuts, cashews, almonds,pralines, mixed nuts pistachios, s'mores and maybe a new.

The Lion's fall pancake brunch will be Oct 20th, 2013. Be sure to pick up some of the Lioness club pecans and other nuts after enjoying their pancake breakfast!


This annual fundraiser helps the Monticello Lionesses continue their work in helping the local community.

Mark your calendar today & attend the Monticello Lionesses Nut Sale!

You're Support is Greatly Appreciated