Native American Artifact Show

American Indian and Pre-Columbian Artifacts

Started in 1983, this extensive show focuses on authentic American Indian and Pre-Columbian artifacts and Indian cultural items. Affiliated with the Central States Archaeological Societies (CSAS) and hosted by The Badger State Archaeological Society over 80, eight-foot tables are filled with collector only displays and dealer opportunities.

Staged in the Rehmstadt gymnasium the 4th Sunday of October the show runs from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. No guns or burial goods are permitted. All reproductions must be labeled. The show host reserves the right to ask any dealer to remove items from their table.

For more information contact the show host Janet Gobei (608) 329-4781. An International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC) in atlatl throwing was held at the 2008 show.

Check out the history of the atlatl and find more information at: