Spring Garage Sales

Monticello prepares for Village-wide Garage Sales May 17, 18, & 19

Let US advertise for you!
Ads will run in local papers, and garage sale spreadsheets will be available around Monticello.
Cost is only $5 per Household (Checks payable to Monticello Chamber of Commerce)
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MONTICELLO, Wis.— Garage Sale’rs - It is time again to begin thinking about the Monticello Chamber of Commerce annual community-wide garage sales. The sales will be held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday May 17, 18, & 19, 2018 throughout the Monticello area. The Annual Community-wide Garage Sale features sales throughout the community, clearly indicated on maps with categories of sales items. The maps with spreadsheets will be available at multiple locations in Monticello

Please register your garage sale for the Garage Sale. All registrants will receive a sign that clearly indicates their participation in the community-wide garage sales, information listed on the garage sale spreadsheet and free adverting in the local media. Registration forms are available at the Monticello Village Hall or online. For more information, contact us at wandajwilkinson@gmail.com or call (608) 219-8480. And mark your calendars now for three great days of shopping.

We have again arranged for the Easter Seals Truck to be loacted near the Fire Station from 2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday (May 21, 201) afternoon for donations. So if you are cleaning out your garage, but don’t want to hold a garage sale, this is your opportunity to donate.

Wanda Wilkinson
Monticello Chamber of Commerce