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Family Fresh Pack's New Monticello facility will Open in March 2013.

Since 1995 Family Fresh Pack has operated as a specialty cheese packaging plant in the heart of Wisconsin?s cheese country. Green County!
In the early years, the company focused on cutting bulk cheese into retail cuts, and vacuum packaging in our original Belleville, Wisconsin plant on Main Street.

Today, Family Fresh Pack provides deli style cut and wrap operations, and packages cheese crumbles and shreds in retail deli cups. Its packaging and product lines have expanded to include savory cream cheese spreads, nut covered cheese balls and cheese logs and a variety of cold pack spreads. The Belleville plant currently focuses on spreads and modified atmosphere packaging. The Monticello plant will run the main cut and wrap business, the crumble line, and the cheese ball line.
Let Us Custom Package Your Cheese Products

Custom Cheese Cold Packed for you in our Monticello Wisconsin plantWe also Create Custom Cold Blend Cheese Spreads at our plant. Our process of blending cheese products with fruits, beers, wine, and a variety of flavors to attain a product ideal for our customer?s application. All formulas are created in house and can be customized to incorporate customer specific raw materials and flavor/body profile.

Our network of injection mold and thermoforming companies give us the capability to fit the application required for your cheese packaging needs.
Family Fresh Pack?s specialty cheese products have received numerous awards, including first place honors for cheese spreads in the World Cheese Championship Competition, as well as honors in the American Cheese Society, the U.S. Championship Cheese Competition, and the Wisconsin State Cheese and Butter Competition.
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